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is an independent software vendor that was founded in 2005 by Dietmar Menges and Alexander von Zitzewitz. We strive to create powerful tools that empower software craftsmanship and make it easier to create great software that is easy to change and to maintain. Our focus is on software architecture, code comprehension and quality assessment. By end of 2014 we have more than 300 customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Diemar Menges (Author)

Dietmar is co-founder and acting CTO of hello2morrow. He began his career at ootec where he was involved in many different projects. By analyzing, why some projects are much more successful than others he found a strong link between structural consistency, technical code quality and the success ratio of projects. Using this data he developed a minimum rule set that would guarantee a high level of technical code quality, improve developer productivity and lower maintenance cost. From there it was only a small step to develop a tool set that would allow to check and enforce those rules automatically. He did this first with great success for ootec’s customer BMW. In 2000 ootec was bought by the French Valtech group. In 2005 Dietmar left Valtech and became co-founder of hello2morrow.  Dietmar now lives in and works in Medellin, Columbia, likes motorbikes, Colombian rum and playing soccer. He also loves playing the guitar and even writes his own music.

Alexander von Zitzewitz (Author)

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Alexander is co-founder and managing director of hello2morrow and CEO of the US subsidiary. In 1993 he founded ootec – a company focused on project services around object oriented software technology. He always was interested in improving the way software was created and learned early that it is much easier to finish a project successfully when there is a clear architectural model. In 2000 ootec was bought by the French Valtech group. Alexander left Valtech by the end of 2000 and worked as interim CTO, board member and consultant for several business. In 2005 he decided together with Dietmar to create hello2morrow. Alexander now lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Next to running his business he loves Jazz, Strategy games and red wine, especially in combination with good food. He is also working on his skills as a Jazz guitarist, but cannot compete with Dietmar in this genre.

Ingmar Kellner (Author)

Ingmar contributes new features to Sonargraph since 2011 and makes sure that its interfaces to other tools (Maven, Ant, SonarQube, Jenkins) work. Prior to hello2morrow, he worked for Siemens Corporate Technology as a developer, consultant and software architect in Java projects with topics ranging from web development, web services, SOA and Complex Event Processing. Ingmar lives in Stuttgart and is frequently seen on German software conferences and Java User Groups. When he is not programming, he has been spotted on his race bike in the black forest or snowboarding in the Alps.

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