Setting up Sonargraph on your Project

Over the years we implemented many different methods to set up Sonargraph for your project. Some of them are now quite outdated and are only kept in the tool for compatibility reasons. This article is meant to help you with your initial setup and chose the most effective method for your particular circumstances. There is one section for each language supported by Sonargraph.

General Recommendations

Sonargraph maintains a folder for each software system, that contains a description of your project, the locations of source folders (and class folders for Java), your architecture model and all other parts of a Sonargraph quality model. We call this folder the Sonargraph system folder. It only contains text files (mostly XML) and should ideally be placed in the root directory of your VCS (version control system) repository. You also should add this folder to your VCS, since the Sonargraph model will evolve together with your software system. This will allow you to share one Sonargraph model with all the developers working on your project.

Each Sonargraph software system contains at least one module. Modules usually correspond to the modules or sub-projects in your IDE.

How to initially create this folder for your project is the subject of this article. The folder should have the name of your software system and always ends with ‘.sonargraph’.

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